How to Hire an Online Community Manager

by Shara Karasic

Top 25 Questions to Ask a Potential Community Hire

  1. What online communities are you an active member of?
  2. What is the last community conference you attended?
  3. Name 3 top ways to improve communityname.
  4. How do you ensure high quality content in a community?
  5. Name 3 ways to kill a community.
  6. Name 3 ways to nourish a community.
  7. Name community experts you admire and tell me why you admire them.
  8. What technology would you use for a message board?
  9. What technology would you use for a social network?
  10. Have you ever customized community technology?
  11. What forms of community status have you found to work well?
  12. What is important in terms of managing community leaders?
  13. How does design and user interface of a site relate to its community? How can design enhance or detract from a community?
  14. Name ways to build traffic to a community.
  15. What are traffic-building methods you wouldn't use?
  16. What do you see as the top emerging trend in online community and social networking?
  17. Explain how serendipidity can improve a community.
  18. What methodology do you use to translate community ideas into site features? Describe your process.
  19. What is the relationship between community and content on a site?
  20. What does a first-time member need to get in order to return to communityname?
  21. How do you create an audience for a blog?
  22. What are important do's and don't's for social media optimization and marketing?
  23. What is unique about communitytype in terms of its member needs?
  24. How do you best evangelize your community within a company?
  25. How do you measure a community?

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last updated: july 24, 2007